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Experiencing Journalism of Courage

This is not Slumdog Millionaire! But there are 3 musketeers in this story too. Three of them who together land up at an alien place to discover what real, professional and hard core journalism is like. Welcome to The Indian Express, Ahmedabad Bureau ... where me, Afsha and Sakib were placed for internship during the last leg of FJC. This ranks as the most enthralling and not so enthralling experience of my life. I landed up in Ahmedabad, a city to which I had never been before ... with hopes of learning to practice "journalism of courage" (no offense meant please). There were a lot of expectations which we all had, being internees ... I guess the race for bylines was obvious. Ahmedabad is a huge and crazy place, unlike my sweet little Baroda. Three things you can't escape when in Ahmedabad ... pollution, traffic and large distances! Staying in a rented place, eating terrible food and struggling to catch buses to reach the ever elusive office of Express at the Judges Bung…

"Janne Ka Haq" ... I demand to know

Somewhere down the line, I myself did not realize that I loved reading mass communication research methods during the second semester. And its application was to be in the form of the dissertation study that we had to undertake at the beginning of the second year. It was an interesting application to be made after the study of theory. The topic selection and research proposal was to be made prior to the commencement of the study. I oscillated between several subjects, wanting to take up something that provided the apt link between politics and communication. Hence, I decided to do something related to the coverage of elections in the print medium. An obsolete topic ... madam told me. Then I thought I could take up a comparative study of magazines which were not a much explored medium. Again this fizzed out! It was only chance, that I read a story on RTI (Right to Information)and it struck me that I could take up RTI and the media's role in promoting it as my topic. Topic approved!…