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Idiots who watch the Idiot Box

Many years back there was nothing of recreational value for people. No hi-fi means of mass media which would entertain and provide some kind of relaxation to people. The idea of rejuvenation was limited to hanging out with people you knew and playing outdoor sports. Then came Television (TV) and it changed everything. TV was simply Doordarshan (DD) at that time with few and famous serials like Hum Log, Buniyaad, Tehikiqaat, Byomkesh Bakshi etc and programs like chitrahaar and rangoli. People used to wait for weeks together to watch a film on DD as theatres were a luxury. Then came 1991, the golden year where we opened up our economy and it signalled the entry of private stake-holders in the media market. Today, as a result, we see a plethora of news channels and newspapers...everything has a choice! If you do not wish to watch a particular channel then simply switch to another. Choice was the positive side of a liberalised economy for a nation which adhered to socialism post independe…

That House ... My Home

It was a beautiful house,
It was a wonderful home...
Somewhere in the corner of a lane,
It stood like a dream.

I stayed there for years together,
Just to leave it one fine day..
Today it has left memories
Fond and Sweet...

A big gate and a lush garden,
Welcomed me everyday
As I entered my home,
It gave me the warmth of a sunny day.

I used to roam here and there
Laughing and shouting in the midst of space,
With near and dear ones...
That house became my home

I talked with walls,
Felt and experienced belongingness,
Every corner that i treaded into...
Became a world that was my own.

I rushed up and down
Roamed here and there
The comfort that it gave me ...
Still lingers on...

Today, as I remember it and miss it,
I feel it was heaven
For homes are made not by bricks,
But by angels!