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Why learn a foreign language?

Visits to the Ahmedabad National Book Fair (May 2 - May 7, 2017) have triggered this blogpost. I find myself lost in the world of books, languages, literature, poetry, songs and so much more. When visiting the book fair and attending various workshops and sessions offered there, I felt as if I was living in paradise. After all, a book fair is no less than paradise for book lovers. It set me thinking about languages in general and mother languages in particular. Very quickly, our young generation is losing touch with their own language courtesy the trend of multilingualism, which is fine by itself, but must not let us drift apart from our own traditions and culture. On the other hand, this also set me thinking about an activity that I have been involved in for the past one year. That is learning a foreign language.

What began with resistance, defiance and reluctance has surprisingly turned into acceptance today. While in university, I was dead against the idea of taking up a foreign lan…

My encounter with the French language

Only recently, we celebrated 'World Poetry Day'. Though, a little belated, I'd like to share my experiences of learning the French language for an year now. What does learning a foreign language do to you? A lot! More than what you could have ever imagined! It opens up an entire new world of possibilities in front of you, right from exciting career and study options to just the simple pleasure that one obtains when one is learning a foreign language. It transforms your life for sure as you discover not only new words and grammar, but also a new culture in the form of films, music, literature and food. I took the plunge and decided to pen down a poem of my experiences with the French language with whom I have been friends for about an year now. In this poem, the French language is a person whom I am having a conversation with. I tell her that I am afraid of a foreign language. She, in turn, reassures and comforts me. You have to be friends with a language, you can't ke…