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Withstanding the test of time - The Indian Constitution

The Indian Constitution just celebrated its 65th birthday yesterday. I thought its an apt time to pen down some thoughts on it on this befitting occasion. I have been a student and now a teacher of Political Science, talking to my students about the Indian Constitution. It is the most fascinating topic of discussion for any student of politics. In fact, as students of Political Science we by default become the students of the Indian Constitution. Though, I have to admit that I have not been able to read the Indian Constitution in its entirety and still continue to refer to it in bits and pieces.

Our Constitution has been one of the finest crafted documents in the democratic, politico-legal history of the world. It is a lengthy document, bulky for that matter and consists of numerous article and provisions. Without going into too much detail, our constitution was a visionary document, incorporating the aspirations of the people of India after a long drawn freedom struggle. The process…