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A Media Watchdog in the sub-continent

Book Review The Hoot Reader: Media Practice in Twenty-first Century India Edited by: Sevanti Ninan & Subarno Chattarji
Oxford University Press, New Delhi: 2013
A Mirror to the Indian Media As a watchdog in the democratic and liberal framework, the media’s role has come under immense scrutiny in recent times. The days of independent, objective and ‘journalism for a cause’ are long gone. In the current socio-political context wherein the media’s role in various events is being interrogated, the need for a media watchdog is acutely felt. Indeed ‘watching the watchdog’ is no mean task. The Hoot ( was established in 2001 with the aim of holding a mirror to the Indian media industry and over the years it has been carrying out this task with great acumen. The present book is a compilation of a series of articles, commentaries, analyses, pieces of research published over the years on the website. The proliferation and expansion of the Indian media industry especially in the…