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The University Space

I have always cherished being a part of the University. It has shaped my career and ambitions to an extent that no other institution has. Next year will be my tenth year of association with this institution that symbolizes the spirit of higher education. Almost any student will vouch for this fact - that being a part of the campus gives some of the most memorable moments of one's life. Life on the campus is so much more easier than real life; where one has to face the harsh and competitive world. My thoughts ponder to how an ideal University should be like? What should its characteristics be? Ideally a University can provide the best ground for research and intellectual training of students. Universities inspire ideas and innovation because it is a place bubbling with youth - young people just entering the threshold of their careers, full of idealism and eager to do something for the country. What could be better? Sadly, the state of Indian Universities today leaves much to be de…