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India and the conflict in Gaza: Moralistic concerns or National interest?

India’s studied silence over the killings in Gaza last month has come under severe criticism. While the Indian government has termed its stand as ‘neutral’, many see this as plain indifference driven by strategic interests. By not passing a parliamentary resolution condemning the massacre of innocent women and children in Gaza, the Indian government’s response to the conflict is being viewed through an ideological prism. With its right-wing and majoritarian leanings, the government has been accused of overlooking the human tragedy unleashed by Israeli forces. Questions like – Is the Indian response driven by a real-politik realization of deep strategic ties with Israel or Is India looking to forsake its long-standing relations with Palestine, surround the debate on this issue. A larger question that needs to be addressed is whether international relations leave any scope for human and moralistic considerations, even as national interest continues to play an important role in determini…