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It is now close to 1 year that I have been working in an NGO. Very truly, after completing my Masters, not even in the wildest of my imaginations, did I think that I would end up working in an NGO. Circumstances and lack of choice led me with no options but to work there. I entered into the field without any understanding about the way an NGO works and its volatile dynamics. As I settled here, I realized that communication related work in an NGO is entirely different from that in a conventional media house like a newspaper or TV studio. I can conclude one thing for sure that an NGO is the best place to work if you want to relax, want no deadlines and wish for ease at workplace. This might not be necessarily true for all NGOs but certainly true for the one where I work. Since, I worked in the Documentation & Media Relations department ... I felt left out sometimes because NGOs channelize all their energies on project implementation. They somehow forget the importance of documentati…