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Showing posts from November 20, 2011

News hype surrounding Baby B

I believe that these days Indian journalists are struggling to find better work. Is it the recession or have they decided to make non-news items news worthy? Even in the remotest of sense, I was not interested in reading about or watching Aishwarya Rai deliver her first baby. Why then was the media so hell bent upon thrusting this news on its audience. Can we blame the media alone or are we the audiences to blame as well? I was of the view that it is the media that is responsible for giving us this sort of content. But no, after reading some articles on the other side of the coin, I was convinced that it is we the audience who is equally responsible for the poor media content that is being offered to us. Many TV news channels covered the news (I strongly feel that this is not news!) and many tabloids had it on the front page. At first, there was this anxiety about when the delivery is going to take place? Then when the baby was delivered, a leading Indian newspaper had a front page st…