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Lost and Found

Lost and Found A Tale of Renewed Friendship
Contributed by: Nidhi Shendurnikar Tere The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
To Love Across Borders - An E-book published from Canada by IndiReads on the eve of independence days of India and Pakistan in 2013

Dilip did not know how to use Facebook. His grandchildren mocked him for not keeping pace with time and technology. Reluctantly, he opened an account and despite his initial fear and apprehension, was hooked instantly. Retired, he now spent the better part of his day surfing the net, connecting and chatting with an ever-increasing circle of friends. Within a few months he had found far-flung cousins and had established contact with long-lost friends. But there was one who eluded him and each day, as soon as he logged in, he would trawl different networks looking for this one particular friend. “Who are you looking for Dada-ji?” asked his teenage grandson Rohan. “A friend.” And the search continued.
Dilip sat in the garden with his cu…

Where the media hurts! Media manifestations of gender based violence

My article published in the newsletter of the Women's Studies Research Centre - October, 2013. 
Media – A reflection of society? The heinous and brutal Delhi gang rape incident (December 16, 2012) which shook the nation’s conscience also brought to limelight the media’s role in covering and reporting events of national and social significance. Media’s reportage of the event brought scores of people on the streets of Delhi to protest against the crime. 24 X 7 TV news channels, newspapers, magazines and other mass mediums were filled with outrage and sympathy at the same time. The media covered every event related to protests by citizens, condition of the rape victim and the endless discussions that ensued on the need to change laws and policies related to women’s safety in the country. There is no doubt that the media’s role with regard to gender based violence is prominent in a country like ours – where gender discrimination and instances of rape, abuse, mental and physical agony, h…