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Is it wrong to be Selfish?

It is a consumerist, materialist and a selfish world. Accept the hard fact. So how long can we cling to morals, values, duties, emotions etc? In this competetive world it is just a matter of time when people desert you and move ahead for their progress. So trust no one. Trust only your self. Be very cautious. Do not get swayed in emotions all the time. Think practical. Help others, be genuine and compassionate but not to the extent that it harms you and your priorities. One of the earlier posts in this very blog distinguishes the self with the other. The boundaries have become even more blurred. Because you do not know who is the other. Sometimes you yourself become the 'other' for a 'self' that resides in you. It is indeed good to understand what others want but it is also important to understand what you want. Sacrifice, adjustments are really nice words and you should be implementing them too. But always a set a limit for it. Recognize what your priorities are and a…