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India’s election discourse disappoints: Confessions of a Voter

As I got my finger inked on April 30th in what is termed as the greatest celebration of democracy, I reflected upon the nature of the political discourse amidst mind-boggling campaigning that has been on for months together. As a voter, one is left completely disillusioned with the kind of discourse that dominated India’s general elections. Two defining characteristics were – the overdose of a ‘secular vs communal’ frame and the highly irresponsible and outrageous statements dished by political contenders across party lines. Is this what people of the world’s largest democracy should expect from their political class? If this were to continue (and this is more than likely) to where is our democratic discourse headed?
Surprising enough that even after six decades of independence, the election discourse continues to digress from people’s issues and in fact has turned out to be more regressive than ever before. To say that the nature of the current discourse is rhetorical and vitriolic …