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You own your dream

Who does not have a dream? I think it is the only real intangible thing that only you possess and only you have control over. You give birth to your dreams, nurture them and it is through you that they take shape and are transformed into reality. We see them throughout our life and try to bring them to life every moment that we are on this earth. They keep changing and we keep modifying them according to our own convenience. That is the best part about them because there are no fixed rules when it comes to dreaming.

I had several dreams. Some of them are still with me in my journey of life while some got washed away with the waves of time. I had to kill some dreams not because they did not suit me but because they did not suit others who were there in my life. Today, I do not regret a single dream that I saw and some memories of those will be cherished forever fondly. Any dream should be your own. Sometimes, we face such circumstances in life that we give up our dreams and adopt the d…