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I do not know at what moment I decided that I wanted to pursue a doctorate. I wanted to be a hardcore journalist. But fate had other plans for me. During my master's course, I did not once give a thought to further studies. I was very certain to take up a job like any other post-graduate. It amuses me that when we are in college we are dying to jump into the professional world though when we actually land up there; we wish to return to the world of studies. The story of me doing Phd is not at all usual. I come from a field where academics is not taken very seriously. It is all about learning on the job. I always found myself disagreeing to this view. I felt theory was as important as any other training or internship that you did. When I studied the basic fundamentals of research in my subject, it was a pleasure to know that so much more still lies to be explored in it and more and more professionals should engage themselves in research in the field. After finishing my Master's…