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I vouch for India-Pakistan peace!

Following is my testimony for India-Pakistan peace published in Pakistani newspaper 'The News International' on October 24, 2012 under the Aman ki Asha campaign, in which 'The News' partners The Times of India. It can also be read on the following link:


I believe in Romancing The India-Pakistan Border
“Namaste! I am Nidhi from India. The idea of Pakistan was always alien to me until I actually started exploring the detailed aspects of my doctoral thesis. I could not think of Pakistan as a ‘friend’ or a ‘brother’. Encounters with Pakistan happened only while cheering for India during cricket matches. These were full of jingoism, national pride and a hatred for the ‘other’.
My perspective changed drastically through the topic I selected for my academic thesis. As I began to explore the different facets of Pakistan and had the privilege of interacting with Pak…