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Showing posts from March 14, 2010

Powerful or Empowered?

Each one of us wants power or rather wants to show that he/she is powerful. There lies a quiet sense of satisfaction in being able to exercise power. I first learnt about the "power concept" in my graduation period (I happened to be a student of Politics). Until then, I could associate power only with politicians or people who hold administrative positions. Even now, when we think of power ... we think of our netas, our officer babus ... that is a very limited connotation of the term. In my view, each one of us has some power within us irrespective of the position, name, fame and money that we possess in our lives. I would like to think of power in a positive frame ... not something which is merely associated with positions.

After a lot of pondering, I thought about empowerment. You may wonder what is the difference between power and empowerment...two similar sounding words. Power is more of an abstract concept. For me empowerment is more important. I believe that as an ind…