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The Human Tragedy in India-Pakistan Relations.

I am a psychologist living in Wah Cantt. I have an eight-year old daughter. Last month, I wrote a post on the Aman ki Asha Facebook Page wall to share the lifelong trauma of my mother Nasim Zaman who died on December 8, 2010. She had come to Pakistan after partition in 1947 from Amritsar when she was ten years old. Her mother had died just few months earlier and was laid to rest in Qadian in Gurdaspur, in Punjab.
My grandfather remarried in Pakistan, and had four other other children. After doing her postgraduate degree in Chemistry from Government College, Lahore in the early 1960's, my mother became a teacher. She retired as Assistant Professor and Head of the Chemistry Department, Government Post-Graduate College for Women, Gujranwala, on August 10, 1991.
All her life, my mother desperately wanted to visit her mother's grave but due to her government job and the strict visa policy between both countries, she was unable to fulfill her dream. Whenever she was ill and in pain, s…