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Indian Media discourse on Secularism: Some Questions

Secularism has become a very contentious word these days - especially in the political and media discourse in our country. The nauseating use of this word by politicians and those in the media industry, its various interpretations and twists provided to it for self-serving interests have resulted in a loss of the actual and truthful meaning of this term. The current media debate, in run up to the Lok Sabha elections 2014 only focuses on the secular vs the communal. So, on one hand we have the secular forces epitomized by certain parties and on the other hand, we have the communal forces epitomized by certain other parties. However, we have failed to understand why secularism and its true meaning is so important for the social, political and democratic fabric of this country. Since, the division of a united India was done on the basis of religion and led to the creation of a theocratic Pakistan - India believed that it would be a secular state. However, the flawed idea of Nehruvian se…