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Absent - The working woman in Indian media

The media presents a very skewed picture of women in India. Take the case of the portrayal of women in serials which is strongly and evidently worthy of condemnation. My question to the makers, producers and creative brains behind these productions is: Where is the working woman in the media? If we take the case of serials/daily soaps on major TV channels, most women characters are portrayed as housewives. An upcoming serial on Zee TV is titled "Aaj ki Housewife hai ...sab jaanti hai'. Though, I am not familiar with the plot of this particular soap opera, my disagreement is with the very unidimensional depiction of women, be it in soaps, advertisements, cinema or any other medium for that matter. The traditional Indian society has been such that it places prominence on the role of women in the household. It is a woman who nurtures the house and transforms it into a home. However, with globalization and the advent of modernization, women have been bold enough to not restrict …