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That distorted sense of modernity

Modernity is a term that I encountered number of times. Before I was a student of Politics, I understood modernity in the most lay man terms ... modernity signified progress, development, wealth, accumulation and of course a more westernized sense of dressing! I unlearned all of that when I studied Political Science... modernity meant rationality, logical thought, individuality, freedom of expression and liberty coupled with rights ... makes sense na? Modernity was a colonial gift to India ...something that was thrust upon us by Britishers when we were not ready for it. British imparted modernity by way of opening up centers of education in English language, by inculcating western values and by prohibiting more archaic and traditional laws like Sati and child marriages. However, at the dawn of independence, we emerged as a confused nation choosing to follow the model of mixed economy, choosing to be non-alligned during the Cold War and choosing to continue to follow old British laws …