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Showing posts from February 20, 2011

Bhasha ni Bhelpuri

I know four languages...Marathi, Hindi, English and Gujarati. But that doesn't matter. Because when I am expressing myself using this tool of communication, I don't restrict myself to just one language. I speak a mix of all the four languages. Many in my generation do the same. And do it without any sense of remorse. Afterall, we are becoming more and more multi-cultural and multi-lingual day by day. So why should we stress on the use of 'pure' language without any distortions. In the first place, the use of words of other languages should not be considered an anamoly at all. It comes naturally to people who are fed with content in all languages, who meet people speaking different languages and move across in a globalized world for better opportunities. Why then should we speak only one language? Language, according to me is a choice. If I choose to write and express myself in English or Gujarati, my choice should be respected. This does not mean that I am demeaning ot…