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We need more like Justice Katju

Who is this Justice Katju ... who has been in the news since a few weeks. His statements have generated extreme reactions and he has been criticized a lot for his opinions. I first happened to read his interview in 'The Indian Express' where he had expressed his views on the current state of the Indian media. I agreed with his views. After a few days, Katju was all around in the media and today Katju bashing has become commonplace in most of websites and newspapers especially by media professionals. So now you must be wondering who is this Katju? Let me introduce you to Justice Markandey Katju - former judge of the Supreme Court of Indian and the new Chairman of the Press Council of India (PCI). After taking up as the Chairman of the PCI, Justice Katju created a flutter with his comments about the Indian media. I think for the first time, has come a person who has had the guts to reflect on the state of the Indian media. And his opinions are important because he is on an impor…