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Undergoing Lasik

It was a tough call! To do or not to do. It took a lot of time before actually deciding to bid goodbye to my spectacles which had been my companion for many years. But then I decided and riskfully so to undergo lasik eye surgery to get my spectacles removed. A lot of people has warned me that this surgery came with many risks, some people told me that I looked good in specs and that there was no need for me to get them removed. I researched and surfed the internet a lot to read the experiences of people who has undergone this surgery. It was a dual game. At first I was never convinced. Who would want his cornea to be peeled off! After all, i was told that there was no going back after the procedure had taken place and it could very well end up damaging your eyes rather than healing them. i was wary. Nothing was helping me to decide what was right for my eyes.

But then it is said that you should always have a look at the other side of the coin. May be you can shed off your negative th…