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Moral Undertones in Mandate 2014

For me, the very first lesson of politics (way back in 2004) was that politics is a dirty, corrupt, shrewd and notorious game of power. All possible negative connotations were attached to politics and rightly so. Thinking about politics as a lay woman, I obviously understood it to be negative and undesirable - all about selfish interests of those occupying power positions. Politics is something all of us detest - not just the politics that is practiced in the form of "5 yearly" elections, but politics at the workplace, in the family (yes the personal is political too!) or politics of any kind, any where. We do not identify ourselves as 'political' despite the fact that all of us strive for some kind of interests or goals to be achieved. We desire to be seen as 'apolitical', and thereby 'moral'. Thus, you cannot be moral if you are into politics. This clear-cut and evident dichotomy between 'politics' and 'morality' is what makes polit…

To mobilize or to polarize? Social Media in Mandate 2014

As the countdown to India’s general elections draws nearer, apart from the usual range of issues that have dominated the political discourse, the role of social media is being keenly debated. With over 93 million users on Facebook and an estimated 33 million on Twitter (India's social media election battle, March 2014); the use of social media platforms is now beyond connecting with friends and acquaintances. In the general elections of 2009, the role of social media in mobilizing public opinion was marginal. This time it is unprecedented and difficult to ignore. With every political player now in the social media domain, it might even account for being a crucial factor in the present elections. The social media space has inevitably turned ‘political’ with major political actors in fray roping in expert services to promote their candidates on social media. Political parties are seen making every single attempt to stay in the electoral limelight by ‘trending’ on Twitter or ‘liking…