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Identities are fast blurring

I want to talk about identities which I have been mulling over for a long period of time. The question of identity is important for each and every individual because it deals with defining our ownselves. It is about who we are and how others know us to be. Of course, there is no one identity that we carry or that defines us...there are multiple identities and at different points of time in our life we cling on to those. I was wondering about how identity remains crucial even in the modern era as it was in the olden days. In the past, especially in a diverse socio-cultural context like India, caste was the basis for defining one's identity. One's work and skills were also known by the same. Has anything changed so many years after that? I think that some things have changed drastically. One major turnaround has been the phenomenon of blurring identities. That means identities are no longer clear ...reason being that they are multiple and we may not be really sure which one we w…