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Showing posts from December 27, 2009

The best and worst of 2009…

No wonder time flies … faster than light and sound… It feels as if 2009 was just a thing of yesterday…and here is 2010…knocking the doors! As any year ends, I always like to go into flashback mode…recalling what was momentous for me throughout the year and what have been the lessons that the year taught me. 12 months is a long time and a good enough quanta when you can actually sit down and put some serious thought into what went ‘right’ and what could have been ‘avoided’.

At year end, I am full of hopes and I ooze with more optimism than ever before because I know that challenges lie ahead of me … that of making the coming year more fruitful, productive and worth remembering. 2009 was a fairly nice year to me but I am not sad that it’s bidding me goodbye. Thanks you 2009 for giving me so many opportunities and helping me to learn newer things. But I won’t miss you!

Goodies of 2009:

•I took a correct decision which was to make life easier for me (Thank God ….you saved me from being fool…