The best and worst of 2009…

No wonder time flies … faster than light and sound… It feels as if 2009 was just a thing of yesterday…and here is 2010…knocking the doors! As any year ends, I always like to go into flashback mode…recalling what was momentous for me throughout the year and what have been the lessons that the year taught me. 12 months is a long time and a good enough quanta when you can actually sit down and put some serious thought into what went ‘right’ and what could have been ‘avoided’.

At year end, I am full of hopes and I ooze with more optimism than ever before because I know that challenges lie ahead of me … that of making the coming year more fruitful, productive and worth remembering. 2009 was a fairly nice year to me but I am not sad that it’s bidding me goodbye. Thanks you 2009 for giving me so many opportunities and helping me to learn newer things. But I won’t miss you!

Goodies of 2009:

•I took a correct decision which was to make life easier for me (Thank God ….you saved me from being foolish!!! Those who are close to me know what this means).
•I met wonderful people…and hope these wonderful people stay on in my life (I will make sure they stay!).
•I worked on something called dissertation…RTI and Media…it was an all time high.
•I think it is only in 2009 that I know myself better and clearly know as to what I want.
•I learnt that relationships are very precious and you have to safeguard them come what may.
•I realized that my optimism knows no limits… and if I decide I can just achieve the impossible.
•Erase the wounds of the past…the future is all mine.
•FJC-I wish I could spend my lifetime there.
•Read a lot, watched more and more movies and discovered the pleasure that lies in solitude.
•Got what I had dreamt of – GOLD MEDAL.
•Did the impossible – Cleared UGC NET and secured a research fellowship.
•Felt elated – to mean so much to someone…(it’s the best feeling you can ever have!!!)

Baddies of 2009:

•Pursued internship at a place where I could not have survived without my two musketeers.
•Wasted a lot of time in brooding over the past and worrying about the future.
•Felt directionless after passing out from FJC.
•Got a taste of professional life and realized that it’s not a cakewalk.
•Too many expectations – they are never good.
•Got more impatient and angrier than ever before.
•Bid adieu to FJC…it broke my heart to leave that place.
•Behaved kiddishly and immature sometimes….for which I had to pay a heavy price.

Welcome 2010…as you come to my house…I am filled with more hopes of making the most of each and every moment that you will gift me! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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