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Invasion – Humanity Triumphs

Got this amazing chance to review Heena Jadav Sunil's short story "Invasion". She is a Pakistani novelist whose debut novel Equinox is breaking grounds in the arena of fantasy and fiction writing in Pakistan.
Heena Jadav Sunil’s short story titled ‘Invasion’ is an extremely bold yet sensitive attempt to unearth a largely ignored issue in our society. To a naive reader, it may come across as disturbing, yet it conveys a message that draws our attention to a problem to which society has turned deaf ears. We have been trained to think of religion as sacrosanct, a practice that can never go wrong and something that we must abide by unfailingly. It is these assumptions that ‘Invasion’ deftly critiques and questions through the story of Shiv and Gauri. While Gauri is the protagonist who has undergone a life-destroying event, Shiv is a character whose relationship with Gauri is not specified. Despite this lack of clarity, Shiv and Gauri’s relationship comes across as endearing…