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Tamasha: A forgotten folk-art

I am proud to be a Maharashtrian. Not that I am an ardent supporter of Raj Thackarey and his bunch of fools who have just once again declared that Mumbai is only for ‘Maharashtrians’(May be they are living in a make believe world where they have discarded the Indian Constitution). Maharashtra has a rich culture especially in terms of arts and entertainment. It is a land of entertainment and no wonder Bollywood resides in Bombay. Maharashtrian people have been known to nurture their culture and hold their language close to their heart. If you happen to be in Pune sometimes, you will know what it means to be in Pune and not know how to speak Marathi.

Just as ‘Bhavai’ is the folk lore of Gujarat, ‘Tamasha’ is that of Maharashtra. It has been preserved as a custom and as an integral part of the lives of people in villages now for many years. It consists of drama, songs, recreation, entertainment, fun. It is more satirical than any other form of folk art. If you compare it with bhavai, yo…