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Media Studies and Critical Engagement

The problem that takes place when you are groomed in two disciplines, two different schools of thoughts is you inevitably and unconsciously start comparing the two (even if you try hard not to indulge in such comparisons)! At present, I face the same dilemmas as my thought processes linger from one discipline to the other, judging which is the better of the two and reaching an almost prejudiced conclusion. This brings me to the issue I have been wanting to write about since a long time. The thoughts stem from my interactions with students across two different departments as well as my own stint with two different disciplinary perspectives. In the end, it may not be that easy to judge which is the better of the two. Though the position I end up taking reflects my own subjective bias. 
Having a formal degree in both Political Science and Media Studies, I have often questioned myself as to what has benefited me the most? The later with its practical, application based orientation or the…