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Letting Democracy Breathe!

Indian democracy is a reflection of diversity. What, after all is India’s democracy without a myriad of religions, languages, ethnicities and ideologies? However, with these differences there are multifarious tensions that democracy encounters in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual land like India. Does democracy experience suffocation at some point of time? Have we burdened it with too many expectations? Have we, as citizens, failed to live up to democratic ideals? We now have a stable government at the centre that according to electoral results enjoys support from majority. Does this mean that now democracy will function well? For a long time now, our democracy has been hostage to appeasement politics. It has been hostage to the politics of polarization, which is the hallmark of all political outfits that dominate the democratic scene. If for all these years, one party tried to woo the minority sections of the country, there were others who claimed to safeguard the inte…