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I am a question mark ???

There is a saying which goes like this: "He who ask a question is a fool for five minutes...he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever"!!!

I think this is true. There is one symbol that I can identify myself the most with and it is "?" I am those inquisitive and curious creatures who are just not satisfied with plain statements. I have to put a question forward for further clarification. I learnt about the Five Ws and One H in Journalism. And that motivated me to question everything that came across me. Things are not so simple in this complicated world. They can't be taken straight on the face and just as they come. You have to keep raising questions. This does not mean that you are stupid/dumb or you can not comprehend things. It only means that you have been able to build your thought process about the information that is coming your way. Hence, I feel that asking questions is an important part of personality building. It tickles your mind and kee…