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We need more like Justice Katju

Who is this Justice Katju ... who has been in the news since a few weeks. His statements have generated extreme reactions and he has been criticized a lot for his opinions. I first happened to read his interview in 'The Indian Express' where he had expressed his views on the current state of the Indian media. I agreed with his views. After a few days, Katju was all around in the media and today Katju bashing has become commonplace in most of websites and newspapers especially by media professionals. So now you must be wondering who is this Katju? Let me introduce you to Justice Markandey Katju - former judge of the Supreme Court of Indian and the new Chairman of the Press Council of India (PCI). After taking up as the Chairman of the PCI, Justice Katju created a flutter with his comments about the Indian media. I think for the first time, has come a person who has had the guts to reflect on the state of the Indian media. And his opinions are important because he is on an impor…

News hype surrounding Baby B

I believe that these days Indian journalists are struggling to find better work. Is it the recession or have they decided to make non-news items news worthy? Even in the remotest of sense, I was not interested in reading about or watching Aishwarya Rai deliver her first baby. Why then was the media so hell bent upon thrusting this news on its audience. Can we blame the media alone or are we the audiences to blame as well? I was of the view that it is the media that is responsible for giving us this sort of content. But no, after reading some articles on the other side of the coin, I was convinced that it is we the audience who is equally responsible for the poor media content that is being offered to us. Many TV news channels covered the news (I strongly feel that this is not news!) and many tabloids had it on the front page. At first, there was this anxiety about when the delivery is going to take place? Then when the baby was delivered, a leading Indian newspaper had a front page st…

Honour in the News: Media Representation of Honour Killings

Honour in the News: Media Representation of Honour Killings

The article focuses on the recent spurt of news on honour based crimes in India and the way the mass media has represented stories on these happenings. Though honour based violence is not something new; it has caught media attention only recently. Sporadic cases of honour killings especially in the northern parts of the country have been in news and have gone ahead to define the concept in the minds of Indians. Through an extensive literature review, the paper seeks to examine the quality of coverage by the media as also the relation between media and popular culture. Reporting by the media has played an important role in developing an understanding on the issue but at the same time there are concerns of biased and lop-sided coverage which have hurt the larger cause. Mass media has a deep impact on culture and vice versa. The manner in which media talks about such social crimes builds public opinion as also educates masses ab…

Interpreting Love

This is my creation ... way back in 2007 ... was written for a competition ... does not have the finnese of poetry but was something I felt from heart and wrote!


A divine creation, a beautiful expression,
Love is an array of emotions.

A feeling that brings souls together,
Love binds relations forever.
Friendship to some, to some it is life,
Love is an essence to survive.

Faith, sacrifice, responsibility interwoven,
Love is enchanting like Heaven.
True is the virtue, though very rare,
Love personifies warmth and care.

Love is like the sun, shining so bright,
Leaving some room for small fights.
Love is like the wind - strong and growing,
Seems like a river, forever flowing.

Love is like a song, brimming with melody,
Solves all problems, comes in handy.
Spreading its wings, love isn’t bound,
Varying in form – love is all around.

So, surrender yourself to the charms of love,
Life is indeed magical in the arms of love.

तू शहर नहीं, एहसास है!

हमें हो जाता है इंसानों से प्यार और लगाव,
लेकिन क्या किसी जगह से हो जाता है प्यार?
शायद मुझे हुआ है एक शहर से प्यार,
मुझे लगता नहीं वो शहर है, वो है एक एहसास!

जन्म-भूमि तो नहीं वो मेरी,
कर्म-भूमि है ज़रूर,
रिश्ता खून का तो नहीं है लेकिन,
दिल का नाता है मज़बूत!

छोटा सा यह शहर है मेरा,
नहीं है इसमें बड़ी नगरी का जादू
फिर भी कुछ तो बात है की
यहाँ रहकर नहीं है दिल पे काबू.

इसकी गलियों को, सड़कों को सिर्फ देखा नहीं,
महसूस किया है मैंने,
कोई कैसे कहेगा यह मेरा नहीं!
इस तरह जिया है इसे मैंने!

अपना जीवन यहाँ बिताया है मैंने,
अपना बचपन यहाँ मनाया है मैंने,
ज्ञान सारा यहीं से पाया
दोस्त सभी यहीं बनाये मैंने.

लिया है इसने अपनी बाँहों में मुझे
स्वीकारा  है इसने पूरी शिद्दत से मुझे,
है जो मेरे पास, सभी इसका दिया हुआ
कभी न छोड़ना चाहू, ऐसे यादें दी है इसने!

क्या नाम है इस शहर का?
क्या नाम इसका मेरा घर है?
घर तो है ही सही
मैं कहूँगी ये स्वर्ग से भी बढ़कर है.

बोली यहाँ की है अनोखी,
प्रेम-वाणी सी मिठास है
मुझे नहीं लगता ये सिर्फ शहर है,
मेरे लिए ये एक एहसास है!

मेरी कर्म-भूमि 'वड़ोदरा'/ 'ब…

Wooing back audiences – Marathi Movie World’s Renaissance

With fresh themes and novel premises, present day Marathi cinema has raised the bar for regional language cinema in the country. Marathi cinema’s transformation from producing run of the mill comedies to films that smack of intelligence and sensibility has taken regional language movies in India to an entirely different level. Whereas Bengali and Malayalam cinema had already carved a space for themselves by producing movies which were high on quality content, Marathi cinema till the previous decade was stuck in churning out laugh riots and family dramas which confined to the tried and tested formula of commercial success. The decade of 2000 however was the dawn of a new age cinema in Marathi language. As ‘hatke’ and critically acclaimed films began to be offered to the Marathi viewing audience, the entire landscape of Marathi cinema went it for a makeover.

Though there is no one film that can be credited with the revival of Marathi cinema, it is said that the entry of ‘Shwaas’(2004) …

The two Ps of Research

Its now been almost an year that I have been engaged in the process and practice of research and I thought that its time to write about my experiences as a researcher - a role I never imagined I would be taking up. In an earlier post on this same blog, I had expressed my views that research requires patience. Today, I would like to add another 'P' to it and that is Passion. Passion is an essential requirement if you ever decide to make a career in research. Whereas I feel that any job on this earth requires passion and commitment. As Indians, all of us at some or the other time indulge in patriotism and say that I would like to do something for my country. In my view, if each Indian vowed to perform his/her work in the fullest of passion, sincerity and honesty then there would be no need to do this bit for the nation. By work, I mean constructive and positive works which take the country ahead on the path to progress and not destructive and works of negative nature. When I pon…

Idiots who watch the Idiot Box

Many years back there was nothing of recreational value for people. No hi-fi means of mass media which would entertain and provide some kind of relaxation to people. The idea of rejuvenation was limited to hanging out with people you knew and playing outdoor sports. Then came Television (TV) and it changed everything. TV was simply Doordarshan (DD) at that time with few and famous serials like Hum Log, Buniyaad, Tehikiqaat, Byomkesh Bakshi etc and programs like chitrahaar and rangoli. People used to wait for weeks together to watch a film on DD as theatres were a luxury. Then came 1991, the golden year where we opened up our economy and it signalled the entry of private stake-holders in the media market. Today, as a result, we see a plethora of news channels and newspapers...everything has a choice! If you do not wish to watch a particular channel then simply switch to another. Choice was the positive side of a liberalised economy for a nation which adhered to socialism post independe…

That House ... My Home

It was a beautiful house,
It was a wonderful home...
Somewhere in the corner of a lane,
It stood like a dream.

I stayed there for years together,
Just to leave it one fine day..
Today it has left memories
Fond and Sweet...

A big gate and a lush garden,
Welcomed me everyday
As I entered my home,
It gave me the warmth of a sunny day.

I used to roam here and there
Laughing and shouting in the midst of space,
With near and dear ones...
That house became my home

I talked with walls,
Felt and experienced belongingness,
Every corner that i treaded into...
Became a world that was my own.

I rushed up and down
Roamed here and there
The comfort that it gave me ...
Still lingers on...

Today, as I remember it and miss it,
I feel it was heaven
For homes are made not by bricks,
But by angels!

Seven amazing years with the University

In 2011 I completed seven amazing years of my association with the University... and it has been a wonderful journey. While the Maharaja SayajiRao University of Baroda or MSU may not be the best university in the world, it is a place that has given me some of the most beautiful memories of my life and has made me into the person that I am today. While the University needs to improve a lot and buck up to provide improvised infrastructure to its students but even in its present state it is doing good. The Arts faculty dome, the canteen, my department, Bodhivruksha, The C C Mehta auditorium, the library have all become a very integral part of life and hence I owe to them at the least a thanks and some gratitude. I hope sincerely that this place flourishes and my association with it continues to be stronger and longer!

Is it wrong to be Selfish?

It is a consumerist, materialist and a selfish world. Accept the hard fact. So how long can we cling to morals, values, duties, emotions etc? In this competetive world it is just a matter of time when people desert you and move ahead for their progress. So trust no one. Trust only your self. Be very cautious. Do not get swayed in emotions all the time. Think practical. Help others, be genuine and compassionate but not to the extent that it harms you and your priorities. One of the earlier posts in this very blog distinguishes the self with the other. The boundaries have become even more blurred. Because you do not know who is the other. Sometimes you yourself become the 'other' for a 'self' that resides in you. It is indeed good to understand what others want but it is also important to understand what you want. Sacrifice, adjustments are really nice words and you should be implementing them too. But always a set a limit for it. Recognize what your priorities are and a…

Imran's Poems

Some more of Imran's poems from 'ZNMD'...which I liked.

By the way, tushar on my insistence did take me to meet the stars of ZNMD when they were here in Vadodara to promote their movie. Could just catch a glimpse of them. Hrithik looked better than he does on the screen. I have always liked Farhan Akhtar. Sad that I couldn't get an autograph.:(

Ik baat honton tak hai jo aayi nahin
Bas ankhon say hai jhaankti
Tumse kabhi, mujhse kabhi
Kuch lafz hain woh maangti
Jinko pehanke honton tak aa jaaye woh
...Aawaaz ki baahon mein baahein daalke ithlaye woh
Lekin jo yeh ik baat hai
Ahsas hi ahsas hai

Khushboo si hai jaise hawa mein tairti
Khushboo jo be-aawaaz hai
Jiska pata tumko bhi hai
Jiski khabar mujhko bhi hai
Duniya se bhi chupta nahin
Yeh jaane kaisa raaz hai

Pighle neelam sa behta ye sama,
neeli neeli si khamoshiyan,
na kahin hai zameen na kahin aasmaan,
sarsaraati hui tehniyaan pattiyaan,
keh raheen hai bas ek tum ho yahan, bas main hoon,
meri saansein hain aur m…

Dil tu kyu rota hai ...

I am a self-confessed movie addict. Movies just draw me towards them. And almost every week i end up being a patron of Inox with my husband, who earlier was least interested in watching movies. So together we tagged along to watch another movie. Least did I know that I was going to love the movie. (My friends have termed me as nuts for liking any movie that is running at the theatre). So we went to watch 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' which is kind of a philosophical title for a film. But true also. I had expected the movie to be kinda 'Dil Chahta Hai' types, going by the reviews. It truly surprised me and after watching so many movies in the recent past, I, after a long time, came out smiling from the theatre. Mainly because I could relate with the movie and its characters.

The story is extremely simple. Three friends out to have fun in the islands of Spain. A country which Bollywood is exploring for the first time. It is a beautiful country and as picturesque as Switzer…

Undergoing Lasik

It was a tough call! To do or not to do. It took a lot of time before actually deciding to bid goodbye to my spectacles which had been my companion for many years. But then I decided and riskfully so to undergo lasik eye surgery to get my spectacles removed. A lot of people has warned me that this surgery came with many risks, some people told me that I looked good in specs and that there was no need for me to get them removed. I researched and surfed the internet a lot to read the experiences of people who has undergone this surgery. It was a dual game. At first I was never convinced. Who would want his cornea to be peeled off! After all, i was told that there was no going back after the procedure had taken place and it could very well end up damaging your eyes rather than healing them. i was wary. Nothing was helping me to decide what was right for my eyes.

But then it is said that you should always have a look at the other side of the coin. May be you can shed off your negative th…


I am back in my beloved city after a wonderful trip to my home town in Madhya Pradesh. Must say, its been a lovely visit. And the realization of difference in the two cities that I love the most. My visit was a part of the marriage preparations that are due shortly. This has set me thinking about the whole idea of marriage. Wonder who invented this institution or was it dicovered? It is very rightly said that marriage is like that sweet which is fun to eat but also may make you repent after eating. Either ways you cannot leave the sweet and forbidden fruit becomes the sweetest in this case.

For a girl, marriage is the commencement of a new life altogether. Leaving behind old memories to hug new ones. Leaving one's home is very difficult and I laud all the girls who leave their loved ones and embrace a new one. It requires courage and patience mind you. For this poor girls will receive no acknowledgement whatsoever saying that this is the way of life. I think that the most annoyin…

Why do we want to change people and why do people want to change us?

Change is the spice of said someone! And what correctly! Obviously life would be pretty dull and boring if we ended up with the same routine everyday. So we try to do different things to keep life moving and interesting. In the process we grow and build our abilities to handle various challenges. So, change in this sense is very good. It is welcome because we are treading the untrodden path and taking meaningful risks which only adds to the value of life. But this is not the only kind of change that we undergo in our lifetime. There is the change that others inflict upon us and not we ourselves. This change can be both positive and negative. But does that mean that we adopt every change in life that others demand from us? I strongly feel no.

Right from the time we grow up, we are forced to become what we many not actaually be. For example a little kid who may be interested in sports more than studies may be forced to change his interests and devote more efforts to studying.…

More Power to Women

Every year it is the same routine...the same articles and the same speeches that I hear on the occassion of International Women's Day...8th March. There is no doubt that I feel very proud and humbled both at the same time. A day has been dedicated to the women of the world and it is indeed wonderful! We get to read about new women achievers every year and take inspiration from them. But this alone does not lend enough power to women. It is still a reality of our country that we relegate our women to the background and undermine their achievements. Women's Day is just not enough to remember what the women in your life mean to you. You must respect them everyday and treat them as individuals who have a respect and identity of their own.

Sometimes I do not feel the need to cheer on Women's day because what I see around me does not impress me at all. It is not enough to save the girl child. It is how you treat her afterwards which matters. Media houses keep talking about savi…

Identities are fast blurring

I want to talk about identities which I have been mulling over for a long period of time. The question of identity is important for each and every individual because it deals with defining our ownselves. It is about who we are and how others know us to be. Of course, there is no one identity that we carry or that defines us...there are multiple identities and at different points of time in our life we cling on to those. I was wondering about how identity remains crucial even in the modern era as it was in the olden days. In the past, especially in a diverse socio-cultural context like India, caste was the basis for defining one's identity. One's work and skills were also known by the same. Has anything changed so many years after that? I think that some things have changed drastically. One major turnaround has been the phenomenon of blurring identities. That means identities are no longer clear ...reason being that they are multiple and we may not be really sure which one we w…

Bhasha ni Bhelpuri

I know four languages...Marathi, Hindi, English and Gujarati. But that doesn't matter. Because when I am expressing myself using this tool of communication, I don't restrict myself to just one language. I speak a mix of all the four languages. Many in my generation do the same. And do it without any sense of remorse. Afterall, we are becoming more and more multi-cultural and multi-lingual day by day. So why should we stress on the use of 'pure' language without any distortions. In the first place, the use of words of other languages should not be considered an anamoly at all. It comes naturally to people who are fed with content in all languages, who meet people speaking different languages and move across in a globalized world for better opportunities. Why then should we speak only one language? Language, according to me is a choice. If I choose to write and express myself in English or Gujarati, my choice should be respected. This does not mean that I am demeaning ot…

Small Town-Desi Girl

Towns are always enchanting! They define the essence of who we are, our culture and our habits. There are many small and big towns in India. And there are both advantages and disadvantages of living in both. My connections have always been with small towns with their humble aura and thereby I am happy to be a desi girl who finds her roots in small cities. I was born in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh which is a small town. I have spent the major part of my life till now in Vadodara, Gujarat. Let me tell you that living in Vadodara has had such a magical effect on me that I do not like any other city apart from it. It is a magnificent place to live in as it is not cluttered, full of dust and pollution and has not expanded like other towns. Vadodara, the word which is derived from 'Vad' i.e. the Banyan tree is the cultural capital of Gujarat and is known for education and art rather than industry and commerce. Unlike other towns say Ahmedabad and Surat which are on the expansion spree,…