More Power to Women

Every year it is the same routine...the same articles and the same speeches that I hear on the occassion of International Women's Day...8th March. There is no doubt that I feel very proud and humbled both at the same time. A day has been dedicated to the women of the world and it is indeed wonderful! We get to read about new women achievers every year and take inspiration from them. But this alone does not lend enough power to women. It is still a reality of our country that we relegate our women to the background and undermine their achievements. Women's Day is just not enough to remember what the women in your life mean to you. You must respect them everyday and treat them as individuals who have a respect and identity of their own.

Sometimes I do not feel the need to cheer on Women's day because what I see around me does not impress me at all. It is not enough to save the girl child. It is how you treat her afterwards which matters. Media houses keep talking about saving the girl child and show that female foeticide is wrong. Indeed it is! But have we ever given a thought as to why it is so rampant in our nation. This is because of our mindset which we have refused to change down the years. No matter how many campaigns we take up to save the girl will not make a longer impact. We need just not to save the girl child...but also treat her with respect and dignity. Why do we treat women as second rate citizens who must sacrifice their wishes and desires for the sake of family? Why should only the girl child assume all the responsibilities and be the carrier of the family's pride and honour (we have seen the recent spate in the number of honour crimes). Why must only girls be reminded of marriage vows if they are facing a difficult time in their relationship. So you see that just saving the girl child will do no good. We must provide her a decent education, let her pursue her dreams and get a good job, let her be financially independent and let her explore her limits. No being Ms. Two Goody Shoes for girls. Be as you are! And you can win over the world.


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