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I want my stories to remain with my readers for a long time

“I want my stories to remain with my readers for a long time”, says Heena Jadav Sunil; a Karachi based Pakistani author who has just published her debut novel by the title of Equinox. In conversation with Nidhi Shendurnikar-Tere, she speaks her heart out on life in both India & Pakistan; her love for writing ‘fantasy romance’ and the individual transformation that she seeks through it.

Heena ji, your journey spans from India to Pakistan. Tell us something about this journey, your life in India then and now in Pakistan. How does it feel having lived in two countries that have been engaged in conflict since long? My life in India was very adventurous; I went to an ‘all girls’ convent school. I was into lots of sports like skating, horse-riding, cycling, dancing (classical, garba), singing, harmonium classes, stage dramas, annual tours, learned how to ride a bike … you name it and I did it as a typical teenager. Here, in Pakistan I have my own family which keeps me busy. I feel my hea…