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Dreamland Switzerland - II

This post is in continuation to the previous one about my experiences in the heaven called 'Switzerland'. From among all the places that we visited in this small but beautiful country, Interlaken was the most beautiful. It was a small yet charming town divided into East and West. You could almost walk through East and West and observe the natural beauty that made this country even more magnificent. The receptionist at the hotel which we were staying was a sweet and helpful lady who had a particular expression on her face when we returned after sight seeing. She used to forget that we had deposited the room keys with her. On asking for the room keys after our return to the hotel, she used to say, "Awmmmmmm...I forgot!!" These words, I shall never forget because even today as we remind ourselves of the joyous memories of our journey, remembering her words make us laugh. I vividly remembered her name, until I left Switzerland.

Travel in Switzerland is the most tourist …