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Why AAP has a long way to go

The sudden and metaphoric rise of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) courtesy its victory in the Delhi elections seems to have forced political minds to think how and why this happened. There is of course no doubt about the credit that has to be given to AAP for its phenomenal success, for I am sure it has certainly captured the imagination of the young, urban and middle class alike. The fact that the entry of the AAP has given us a 'third' option in the political scenario, where we can choose beyond the two traditional political options given to us for a long time, is a welcome change and any such new entry into the political domain always brings in fresh perspectives and ideas which are much needed for political change. So, welcome AAP and Indians have more expectations from you.

However, since the past few days the AAP has been embroiled in controversies which it should not have been since it aims to go national and it is yet to fulfill its Delhi promise. Also, there is a huge prob…