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I am back in my beloved city after a wonderful trip to my home town in Madhya Pradesh. Must say, its been a lovely visit. And the realization of difference in the two cities that I love the most. My visit was a part of the marriage preparations that are due shortly. This has set me thinking about the whole idea of marriage. Wonder who invented this institution or was it dicovered? It is very rightly said that marriage is like that sweet which is fun to eat but also may make you repent after eating. Either ways you cannot leave the sweet and forbidden fruit becomes the sweetest in this case.

For a girl, marriage is the commencement of a new life altogether. Leaving behind old memories to hug new ones. Leaving one's home is very difficult and I laud all the girls who leave their loved ones and embrace a new one. It requires courage and patience mind you. For this poor girls will receive no acknowledgement whatsoever saying that this is the way of life. I think that the most annoyin…