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Showing posts from March 1, 2015

The special trio

Life comes. Life goes. But some inspirations remain. For me, this inspiration stemmed from three powerful women in my family ... two of whom I lost in the year 2013. There are certain losses that do not strike you the moment they happen. You tend to treat them as just another phase of life. It takes time to accept that a dear one is not with you anymore. However, the eternal value that this person holds in your life trickles down memory lane when you start feeling their absence. I was in that sense privileged to grow in the company of women who inspired me not just in life but even during their last breath. At times, I wonder how they made it this far through their sheer grit and determination, defying all circumstances, breaking conventional rules and going all out to show to the world the stuff that they were made of.

I do not look at these three women as individuals, rather I view them as a force that lived and reckoned together. What wonders can women do when they work as a team,…