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Destiny's Child ... Meeting Justice Shri P N Bhagwati

I am special ... not because I possess some great skills but because I have been fortunate enough to have met and interacted with some well-known personalities throughout my college life. It is very rarely that you get to meet the best people from the field and even get a chance to hear them speak.

As a student of media, we met some famous media personalities during the course of our curriculum. We met and had an hour long chat with CNN IBN's film critic 'Rajeev Masand' who enriched us with his knowledge in cinema. We got to listen to Chetan Bhagat when he was in city for the promotion of his film. And having read all his books I listened to him in anticipation and with enthusiasm. Then we met some journalists and anchors like Pankaj Pachauri from NDTV and saw him conducting a live election debate program. It was a fascinating new world to meet all these personalities and to me they seem untouched for some time but when you actually see them talk, see them made of flesh an…