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Justice - Exclusive to some

Justice is one of the most important components for the functioning of a democratic polity. When India gained independence and declared itself as a 'Republic', the foremost prerequisite was that all citizens will be treated fairly and justice will be delivered on terms of equanimity. Sixty years into independence and we have not lived upto the promise of justice. In fact, justice is exclusive to some. It is only for the elite class and this form of justice is in reality unjust. What makes me talk about this all of a sudden is that since many days I have been reading that a top political leader and the head of a state is being called for investigations in a riot case. But apart from this there has been no further progress. Also, we can not consider only this case in isolation. There have been instances of disregard to law by our top leaders and political honchos in the past too. But very few of them have been booked for their crime.

It is ironical that when it comes to deliver…