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Be my President

"When Obama speaks,even though in America,it restores my faith in Leadership. It gives me Hope 4 a Better tomorrow. I wish he was an INDIAN. :)"

...tweeted Anupam Kher after US President Barack Obama's swearing in speech on January 20, 2013. As he wrote this, he only echoed the deep sentiments of many like me across entire India. This was only the second time as I heard Mr. Obama speak. And I was already mesmerized. Back in 2008, when he won his first term as the President of the United States, I was not even aware of his leadership skills as also his ability to speak well. The media frenzy that the US Presidential Elections generated last year, made me curious to watch the Presidential debates as well as hear Obama address American citizens. As I watched the Presidential debates, I realized why the US is a mature political system and why we are ages behind in achieving this distinction. The debate among prospective US Presidential candidates sets a remarkable standard fo…