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The dilemmas of interdisciplinary research

What does one do if one is sailing in two boats? Cling to one? Cling to both or abandon both of them? These are exactly the questions that one faces when one is carrying out inter-disciplinary or for that matter multi-disciplinary research. Not that these two terms are easy to understand and define for researchers. Much confusion prevails and there are multiple understandings that prevail. However, simply put, if you are working in a research area that combines the knowledge of more than one discipline then you are essentially conducting interdisciplinary research. A few days back, I was reading an article which delineated the ideas related with inter-disciplinary research - a kind of a monster in the research arena and hence decided to put this down. Since, I myself for the past four years have been engaged in this dilemma. 
To begin with inter-disciplinary researchers belong no where since everybody seems to question their loyalties towards a particular discipline/field of study. N…