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Lake City - Bhopal

It is always a different feeling to be in a city other than yours ... a city so much like your own...A week ago I was in Bhopal to attend a conference on media diversity and plurality. I have always had some strange kind of affection and attachment towards Bhopal. The reason being ... it is my father's home-town. He spent his childhood there and gained his higher education in that city. He always had special memories associated with it. He used to fondly recall to me the time he spent there, how he and his friends went to watch movies on his scooter, his days at the Gandhi medical college. It felt good to hear from him about the city was as if the city came alive in front of me when he talked about it. For me it was a treat to be in Bhopal for a few days, meet relatives and friends who received me very warmly ... as if I was one of them and meet a friend whom I had not seen in years.

Bhopal, being the capital of Madhya Pradesh (M.P) has all the grandeur that a capital city …