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निराकरण की खोज में "युगांतर"!

"Yugaantar" signifies the transition from one era to the other. A situation that is desirable, sustainable and progressive. We all would wish to undertake such a journey and achieve this transition to something that is better than the current state we are in. Not only individuals, but nations across the world are trying to enter into such a progressive state of affairs. Who is supposed to play a role in this transition? Who will lead this change? Is it possible to attain such a model era of governance and prosperity in India? What is the role that youth of the country will play in such a mode of transformation? These and some other pertinent questions and curiosities gave birth to the idea of "Yugaantar" which culminated into a National Youth Conference on "Youth for Socio-Political Changes in India" at the M.S.University of Baroda. I was privileged to be a part of this conference right from the very beginning when the seed of thought for the event was so…