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Mary Kom - What an Indian man can do!

The real-life story of Mary Kom, champion boxer from India is now on the silver screen where Priyanka Chopra has played the role of real-life Mary Kom. It is always exciting to see how stories of sporting legends are translated to the bigger screen. Case in example is Milkha Singh which was a good movie despite the fact that it focused more on his losses than his victories. It is always heartening to see that sports other than cricket are also gaining ground in the country and one way of popularizing other sports can be to draw audiences to stories of sporting legends through movies based on their life. This is one reason why Mary Kom was always meant to be a success (Here, I do not talk of success in the parameters of box office collections, but in the sense of the critical acclaim and the widespread appreciation that the movie has garnered). The real life story of a boxing champion from a small town in Manipur, her hard work, her struggles and her eventual success are all ingredien…