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‘Fandry’ – A love story that spells caste as it exists in India

Nagraj Manjule’s lesser known debut Marathi film shot to fame after it bagged the Indira Gandhi award for the best debut film of a director at the 61st National film awards in 2014. It addresses intricate issues related to caste, love, power and emotions. Nidhi Shendurnikar-Tere on what makes Fandry a must watch.
What happens when a boy from a lower caste falls in love with a girl from a higher caste? Usual Bollywood fare tends to treat caste and caste based discrimination in a non-serious manner by projecting important societal issues as trivial love stories of the “rich girl, poor boy/rich boy, poor girl” types. What follows is parental opposition amidst which the romance blossoms eventually culminating into drama, violence, parental acceptance, marriage and a happy ending. Very few films have attempted to address caste based discrimination in a serious but subtle manner. Fandry is one film that stands out for its deft and subtle handling of an issue that has plagued the fabric of In…