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3 States: To where do I belong?

India is my country. It is a diverse, multi-religious, multi-lingual vibrant democracy. I think I embody this diversity better than anybody. I belong to India’s three different states each of which represent their own colorful culture and way of living. To explain things clearly, I am a Madhya Bhartiya, a Maharashtrian and a Gujarati all at the same time. My roots lie in the land that is the heart of India – Madhya Pradesh. I was born in Jabalpur and my parents belong to M.P. so quite naturally I am able to relate myself well with the place. In summers and during holidays, I travelled to cities like Bhopal, Indore, Dewas and Ujjain. What I like about this land is the earthy feeling, the ancient heritage and the old and classic buildings. These are not developed cities on the lines of metro cities still you can’t escape their charm. If I had option to build up another home for myself, I would choose Bhopal because it is a beautiful city with a quiet, calm feeling and lovely heritage. P…