I am back in my beloved city after a wonderful trip to my home town in Madhya Pradesh. Must say, its been a lovely visit. And the realization of difference in the two cities that I love the most. My visit was a part of the marriage preparations that are due shortly. This has set me thinking about the whole idea of marriage. Wonder who invented this institution or was it dicovered? It is very rightly said that marriage is like that sweet which is fun to eat but also may make you repent after eating. Either ways you cannot leave the sweet and forbidden fruit becomes the sweetest in this case.

For a girl, marriage is the commencement of a new life altogether. Leaving behind old memories to hug new ones. Leaving one's home is very difficult and I laud all the girls who leave their loved ones and embrace a new one. It requires courage and patience mind you. For this poor girls will receive no acknowledgement whatsoever saying that this is the way of life. I think that the most annoying part of marriage is when the euphoria of the event settles down and life is back to normal. Life is not rosy and many things change for a girl. Her routine habits, her eating habits, the way she is expected to behave etc and all. And we expect these changes to happen rapidly not giving her enough time to adjust. She is expected to be a super-woman ...the know it all. Why so? I deem it as unfair and harsh.

even though we are a country which is fast progressing, the status of girls after marriage leaves a lot to be desired. Why not expect the same magnitude of changes and adjystments from the guy also? Agreed that his life is also set to change drastically. He also has additional responsibilities but then nobody is uprooting him, rite? Marriage is a partnership and it should remain that way. It should not become dominance and one-upmanship which it is in many households in our country. I am not talking about equality between men and women here. I am just talking about nurturing a relationship carefully and giving it the adequate time to flourish. What a girl expects from her new family is warmth and patience which may help her to adjust better in an alien place. When I watch the saas-bahu sagas on TV and see scheming mom-in-laws and helpless daughters-in-law, I find it completely amusing resfusing to believe that such people exist in this world but elders have told me that such things happen today also.

So as I am about to enter a new but very important phase of my life, I am wondering what will my fate be? Will it be the conventional one or am I in for a surprise? I hope its all good in the end. So that I can happily sing All izzzzzzzzzzzzzzz welllll.... :)


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