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Towns are always enchanting! They define the essence of who we are, our culture and our habits. There are many small and big towns in India. And there are both advantages and disadvantages of living in both. My connections have always been with small towns with their humble aura and thereby I am happy to be a desi girl who finds her roots in small cities. I was born in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh which is a small town. I have spent the major part of my life till now in Vadodara, Gujarat. Let me tell you that living in Vadodara has had such a magical effect on me that I do not like any other city apart from it. It is a magnificent place to live in as it is not cluttered, full of dust and pollution and has not expanded like other towns. Vadodara, the word which is derived from 'Vad' i.e. the Banyan tree is the cultural capital of Gujarat and is known for education and art rather than industry and commerce. Unlike other towns say Ahmedabad and Surat which are on the expansion spree, Vadodara has still retained its old charm. It is neatly divided into the east and west, where the eastern part of the city is the walled one and the western part is the more developed one. But apart from that I do not find much difference among both.

Vadodara is believed to be a city where you would prefer to stay after your retirement from work; leading a quiet and de-stressed life. Compare it with Ahmedabad and Surat and I would prefer Vadodara any day. The royal heritage of the city has added to its charm and the mixed culture that it so wonderfully represents is its hallmark. Vadodara is the hub of education and art and thousands of students from different parts of the country come and study in its University every year, which offers a wide variety of courses on a very nominal fees. It has everything that makes a city complete...heritage, architecture, culture, vibrancy etc.

What I like in Vadodara is also that it is quite unique and distinct from the other small towns in the country. It is not drab and dull. It is quite happening, especially during Uttarayan and Navratri which I bet are not celebrated the way they are in Vadodara, in any other part of Gujarat. The city leads a very relaxed and smooth life wherby there is no sense of urgency and pace. Things progress in their own manner. Another good thing about the city is that distances are quite reachable and so you save a lot on travelling time, unlike metro towns where half of your day can be consumed in just reaching your destination.

Of course there are disadvantages from the perspective of modern life-style like lack of industry and job opportunities and that it is not the city which you would want to make your home-town if you want progress. But still I would bet on it the city where I have spent my childhood, gained my education and where I am also about to begin a new chapter in my has been witness to my life...I love Vadodara/Baroda. :)


  1. Nidhi - The Desi Girl...:-)

    Have stayed in cities of all the four direction of the country (East-West-North-South) and with that experience would say...That our thoughts for vadodara are very much alike. This is the land which inspired me with many things and one as you know is Poetry.

    Continue blogging with your original thoughts!!!


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